The Impact of an AFPE Award: In Their Own Words


Former AFPE Fellows Explain the Impact AFPE has had on their Education


“I am so grateful for the AFPE Gateway to Research fellowship grant because this grant not only allowed me to gain valuable experience in scientific research and writing, but it also helped me learn the skills needed to be an effective project manager. I was able to perform the experiments I needed to complete a translational research project bridging microbiology and clinical data. The support I received from AFPE helped me get closer to my goal of finishing my PharmD and PhD and becoming a clinician researcher. I hope to be able to support other students in their research pursuits in the same way AFPE supported me!”
– Michelle

“It was an absolute honor to receive the AFPE Pre-doctoral Fellowship during my graduate study. The award was not only a symbol for academic and professional excellence, but it was also a way for me to connect with an amazing community of the past and current fellows. Through this award, I got to learn from other colleagues that have contributed greatly to the field pharmaceutical sciences. It’s an incredible feeling to be part of this great community. I wish that I can pass on this to future trainees.”
– Daisy


“This award has helped me not only achieve the goals of my project but supported me greatly in the program overall. I am truly grateful for this opportunity, I couldn’t have done it without AFPE support. The goal AFPE has in supporting pharmaceutical education is closely aligned with my goal to one day create an organization to help students towards higher education. AFPE is a prime example of why foundations like this are needed and how they can help students progress throughout their education, as I learned firsthand the positive impact it has had in my life.”

“The AFPE Fellowship contributed greatly to my successes in and out of the laboratory. After receiving the fellowship, I was able to perform high-level experiments such as 16S rRNA sequencing and RNA Transcriptome sequencing. Also, this fellowship prompted the dean’s office of my university to provide me with additional research support totaling $20,000. Furthermore, the AFPE fellowship strengthened my resume and helped provide me with interviews and job offers at world-renowned research institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Columbia, UPENN, Cornell, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, etc.”

“I am honored to be a recipient of the AFPE Pre-Doctoral Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Sciences.  AFPE plays a crucial role in supporting the academic pursuits of young investigators to advance the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  This prestigious support from AFPE has provided me the opportunity to pursue the research I am most passionate about – improving the process of drug discovery and development of potential therapeutics to provide effective therapies for patients.  I would like to sincerely thank AFPE for their support and for the opportunity to represent them as an AFPE fellow.  I look forward to showing my gratitude by contributing to AFPE in the future, to ensure future leaders in the pharmaceutical sciences are continually supported for their passion and efforts.”

“This award has been a real game-changer in terms of what it has allowed me to accomplish in my academic career.  Prior to receiving this award I was spending much of my time applying to various scholarships and fellowships to support the research I would like to carry out. Now that I am supported by AFPE I have finally been able to focus on my research projects full time and accomplish so much more.  In the time that I have been supported by AFPE I have been able to present my research at local and national research meetings, foster new collaborations with colleagues on campus and across the country, and am now finally putting all of the research I have done together into my first major research publication of my graduate research career.  As a Pharm.D./Ph.D. dual-degree student, it is extremely important that I finish my Ph.D. research on time, and I firmly believe that without your support in this endeavor it would be a struggle to finish my Ph.D. in the time allotted.”


“Becoming an AFPE-fellow is an absolute honor. The professional boost this fellowship has provided me in pursuit of my doctoral research is amazing. Everyone considers their research to be valuable and this is what keeps a researcher going. But the recognition and support AFPE Pre-Doctoral Fellowship has provided validates the confidence and works as a shot in the arm when the going gets tough. I am thankful to be given this wonderful opportunity to join a lifelong community of scholars”.


“I am humbled and grateful to receive this distinguished pre-doctoral fellowship and AFPE’s support of my career in the pharmaceutical sciences. The award has encouraged me to attend additional conferences and trainings that would have otherwise been a larger financial burden. I look forward to returning the favor and supporting pharmaceutical scientists in training in the future. ”


“I have been extremely fortunate to receive the Pre-Doctoral Pharmaceutical Sciences Fellowship in 2017 to enable my dissertation efforts as well as my academic career development. As an AFPE Fellow, I have gained the support to further my dissertation research in developing pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic models for the central nervous system in the area of pain. This has been a critical support system as I am moving forward in my dissertation work. With the contribution of AFPE to my academic career, I have also been able to present my dissertation work at the national AAPS conference to showcase the progress made in my modeling and simulation efforts. I am extremely grateful for the support form AFPE for this fellowship in a critical time of my academic career.”


“Many thanks to AFPE for their generous support of my doctoral dissertation research.  This funding has been essential for the progress of my dissertation, the development of new research skills, and the dissemination of my research.  Because of this funding, I was able to acquire essential data in a timely fashion and thus move my project forward.  Moreover, I have taken advantage of courses and will take advantage of additional training opportunities to sharpen my research skillset.  Finally, I am able to fund the dissemination of my research through conference presentations this year.  In all, this funding has been critical to my development as a scientist.  Thank you!”


“I am honored to receive such a prestigious award and I am deeply appreciative of your support. Your generosity will help me achieve my goals. There have been many obstacles along the way, but by awarding me the Pre-Doctoral Award in Pharmaceutical Science you have lightened my financial burden and have reassured my determination in my research. There are no words to express how grateful I am and how much your support means to me. I hope one day to pass on this generosity by helping other young researchers achieve their goals and to further the scientific community through research.”
– Christina

“I am grateful and honored to be a recipient of this prestigious fellowship. This award has helped me make a smoother transition into graduate school and has provided opportunities to which I would not otherwise have had access. The AFPE Rho-Chi fellowship has allowed me to attend out-of-town workshops and trainings that will be greatly beneficial in my graduate career and beyond.”
– Inza

“I am very honored and humbled to have been chosen as an AFPE Gateway Research Scholar. My entire College of Pharmacy is bustling with enthusiasm! I look forward to contributing to AFPE and helping advance pharmaceutical education.”
– Matt

“Selection as an AFPE Fellow gave me encouragement and recognition as a potential leader in the field of drug development and design. The financial stipend was crucial to my graduate study. Without it, I could not have continued and finished the program.
– Kuangshi ”

“By having secured external funding from AFPE in a national competition, my advisor and department were willing to give me more opportunities, such as teaching pharmacy students and completing a grant writing class that helped me develop the important “soft” skills I need to be competitive for employment in industry, government, or academia.”
– Marie ”

“The AFPE Fellowship contributed substantially to my preparations for a career in the pharmaceutical sciences. In addition to the prestige associated with this honor, the stipend permitted me to obtain resources essential for my professional development that are not available to most graduate students.”
– Michael ”