Welcome to the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education website. AFPE is committed to supporting pharmaceutical education for the greater good. As a non-profit organization, AFPE relies on donations in order to fund scholarships and grants that are awarded to aspiring and current researchers and academics in the pharmaceutical sciences arena so that they may have the resources necessary to conduct novel research projects that will impact the future of healthcare and patient outcomes.

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AFPE is pleased to announce the 2022 William M. Heller Mentor of the Year Recipient goes to Peter W. Swaan, University of Maryland! Click HERE to read more!




2019-2020 AFPE Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Kaitlin Hulce, University of California, San Francisco, has published her research project titled, “Inhibiting a dynamic viral protease by targeting a non-catalytic cycsteine”.  CLICK Here to view slides about this research. To read about this research, CLICK HERE





Michelle Kalu, University of Southern California and Gateway Recipient 2020-2021, has published her research project funded by AFPE titled, “Co-regulation of virulence and antibiotic resistance in carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae (CRKP): the role of repeated antibiotic exposure” CLICK HERE to read the article





AFPE welcomes Calvin H. Knowlton as the Chair to our Board of Directors!
Dr. Knowlton is the Founder, Chairperson and CEO of Tabula Rasa HealthCare. He has won numerous awards for his leadership in pharmacy, business, and philanthropy in his career of over 40 years. Dr. Knowlton received his pharmacy degree from Temple University, his Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, his PhD in pharmacoeconomics from the University of Maryland, and his ScD (Hon) from the University of Maryland.



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Pallavi Kompella, Ph.D. and Pre-Doctoral Fellow Awardee 2017-2019 receives the Fullbright Scholar Award. Click HERE to read the full article on Pallavi’s accomplishment.





AFPE welcomes John Bentley to our Board of Directors!

Mr. Bentley is a professor of pharmacy administration and director of the Center for Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy.

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AFPE is pleased to welcome David Gregory, Pharm.D., BCPS, FACHE to our Board of Directors!

Mr. Gregory is the Dean and Professor of the College of Pharmacy at Belmont University.
His professional experience over the years shows a great deal of leadership qualities.



Sam Poloyac, former AFPE Fellow appointed Dean of University of Texas at Austin’s College of Pharmacy

Sam Poloyac has been appointed Dean for the University of Texas at Austin’s College of Pharmacy. Poloyac was an a AFPE Fellow 2001 recipient, a current member of the Planning and Education Committee, and serves as a reviewer on the AFPE’s Board of Grants.

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AFPE Board Member Dr. Todd Sorensen also serves as the Executive Director of the Alliance for Integrated Medicine, a non-profit organization that engages health care institutions in practice transformation activities that support improved medication use.  AIMM serves its mission and generates its revenue through partnerships with organizations that seek to support improved medication use, often in a defined region or with a specific group of stakeholders.  Click here to learn more about AIMM’s mission.

AFPE is excited to welcome Dr. Anne Lin to our Board of Directors! Dr. Lin is the Dean of the School of Pharmacy at Notre Dame of Maryland University. Her research focuses on teaching, learning, and assessment; leadership and organizational development; cultural competence in health professions; and interprofessional education and practice.





Congratulations to Kimberly B. Garza, AFPE’s 2019 William M. Heller Mentor of the Year! 


The William M. Heller Mentor of the Year Award recognizes faculty who are nominated by their students and colleagues, for their guidance, dedication, leadership, instruction, and encouragement. Kimberly B. Garza, PharmD, MBA, PhD is an Associate Professor and Graduate Program Officer in the Department of Health Outcomes Research and Policy at Auburn University’s Harrison School of Pharmacy. Dr. Garza’s research involves the application of behavioral economic theory to study cardioprotective health behaviors, including medication adherence, diet, and physical activity. Specifically, she studies incentive systems that help individuals overcome present-biased preferences in order to engage in and maintain preventive health behaviors. Upon hearing of her selection as the 2019 Mentor of the Year, Dr. Garza wrote: “I left a career in clinical pharmacy practice to become a faculty member because of my strong passion for graduate education and student mentoring. The most rewarding part of my job is to see students succeed in their studies and later in their careers. Being there to guide students through the challenges of graduate school and helping them to thrive in our program is so fulfilling to me.                 

 To read more about Dr. Garza and her impact as a mentor, please click here and here. 

Dr. Paul B. Myrdal Memorial Fund

This year, the Dr. Paul B. Myrdal Memorial Fund for Pharmaceutical Education in Pharmaceutics will fund one pre-doctoral student: Jason Grunberger. Click here to read more about Dr. Myrdal, Brianna Cote, and Andrew Zhou.