Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Awards and Fellowships

Please see the following list for questions you may have regarding the awards and fellowships offered by AFPE. If you do not see an answer to your question, contact the AFPE office via email.

Pre-Doctoral and Gateway Fellows

The Fellowship stipend may be used for a purpose decided by the awardee and college that will enable the student to make progress in their pursuit of the Ph.D., e.g., student stipend, laboratory supplies, books, materials, travel, etc. None of the funds may be used for indirect costs by the institution.” The stipend cannot be used for tuition. The AFPE stipend is to be paid to the recipient in equal installments or in accordance with the institution’s customary payment schedule. Funds provided for AFPE Fellowships and Scholarships are grants from the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education. No overhead, administrative, or other institutional costs of any kind can be withheld or deducted by the institution. The AFPE stipend must benefit the recipient directly rather than the institution and the recipient must be informed about and agree with how the funds will be applied (e.g., living expenses, tuition/fees, books/supplies, travel to meetings, etc.) and the schedule of payments

An official transcript, sent directly from your institution’s registar, showing at least 3 semesters of PhD study with grades must be sent as part of your application. The register can send your transcript via mail, or email. We understand that some offices may close, and therefore allow some flexibility in the deadline for receiving your transcript, but should receive it as soon as possible.

Yes. Be sure to have a transcript sent by January 18, 2017 showing 3 full semesters of graduate credit toward the Ph.D. Please see all eligibility requirements listed on each award’s eligibility page for full details.

Joint Pharm.D./Ph.D. students who have completed the equivalent of 3 full semesters of graduate credit toward the Ph.D. and will be awarded the Ph.D. degree within 3 additional years. Please see all eligibility requirements listed on each award’s eligibility page for full details.

At this time, only U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply.


Yes, it counts in the word count. If it supports your case, you can consider including references, but keep in mind this may shorten the space available to describe your training plan because of the word limit on the section.

Here is an example:
D. C. Monkhouse, L. Van Campen and A. J. Aguiar, “Kinetics of dehydration and isomerization of prostaglandins E1 and E2.” J. Pharm Sci 62:576-580 (1973).


Faculty FAQ

  1. Please this online recommendation form link.
  2. To complete a recommendation for another student, you can use the link in the confirmation email you receive. If you use that link, your information will be pre-filled.

Donor FAQ